The Zen Manifesto

Be willing to achieve, believe, conceive… receive.

“I easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities.”
~Louise Hay~

“Zen knows only a vast life
which contains all kinds of contradictions
in a deep harmony.
The night is in harmony with the day,
and life is in harmony with the sky.
The presence is in harmony with the absence.
This immense harmony,
this synchronicity,
is the essential Manifesto of Zen.
This is the only way of life which respects
and loves,
and denies nothing, condemn nothing.”
~Osho: The Zen Manifesto~
There is great joy to be discovered on your life’s journey. Filled with limitless possibility, we can explore all the nuances of experience. Every situation, regardless of how it appears, contains a gift. Are you willing to receive it?
Today my intention is to experience life as a joyous dance.


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