The world of form

We must learn to see beyond the illusions of this world.

“It takes a little effort to get our of illusions because we have invested in them very much. They are our hopes; It is through them that we go on living.”  ~Osho~

Notice when you use the word “I” when referring to how you see the world. Everything is a projection of our beliefs. We can get trapped by the “I” when chasing after particular goals. Remembering this can set the stage for awakening.

Meditation can help you to see through this illusory state of being. Once we strip away the goals, dreams, thoughts of past and future and simply be, the present moment comes alive. To be fully in the present means to be aware of the immense beauty and perfection that is already here. There is nothing for which to strive, nothing is missing.

A different kind of experience waits for you. Your joyousness, when complete, allows you to become fully aligned with the Now. Give up needing to understand the “whys” and “hows” and leave that to your spiritual guidance. Instead, focus on higher awareness, be fully present and allow a new consciousness to be born in you.

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