The Spiritual Path

We are all in the process of awakening from illusion.

“…when you let go of your expectations, when you accept life as it is, you’re free.To hold on is to be serious and uptight. To let go is to lighten up.”
~Richard Carlson~

The most beautiful aspect of spiritual awakening is the realization that life supports us throughout that process. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and whether or not someone is consciously devoting their time and attention to spiritual matters during this lifetime is actually immaterial. Evolution eventually occurs in the perfect way at the perfect time.

Even in the midst of confusion, the soul is still receiving information, lessons and the opportunity to observe new energy in motion. We never know what will spark awareness; therefore, it’s important to do your best with what you have from where you are. Enlightenment typically comes through observation – as we begin to recognize habitual patterns and beliefs, we can then learn to see through them to a deeper truth.

You will certainly experience moments of clarity and awareness. There will be situations that allow you to shine with unlimited potential and others when fear seems to hold you in its grip. Every circumstance contains an opportunity to awaken.

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