The Sacredness of Now

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”
~Joseph Campbell~  

In this moment, you can purposely connect with the sacredness of all existence. You needn’t wait for a specific goal to be accomplished, for the “right” person to complete your life, to have enough money in the bank or have the scale read a particular number – the Now is filled with love and infinite possibility.

Every morning I step outside in gratitude and find myself in a sacred space. Each flower and tree and blade of grass reaches toward the light of the sun. The energy of my home is peaceful, filled with kindness and support. Each conscious breath I take reminds me to appreciate the body and life-path that I have chosen for this incarnation and honor them too as sacred.

Purposely choose to stop for a moment and access a state of pure potential. Close your eyes, turn off the mind, relax into the silence and be. See how it feels to touch the infinite without distraction. This is your journey of awakening.

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