The Process of Enlightenment

The paradoxes of human experience make transformation possible.

“Spiritual practice is a mixture of struggle and integration, of confusion and clarity, of discouragement and aspiration, of feeling failure and going deeper.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Experiencing the contrasts of life allows us to reach a place of neutrality that is healthy and empowering. Joy cannot exist without sorrow; therefore, the soul will often engage with others in a way that will allow one to explore the depths of both emotions rather quickly. The intensity prompts us to seek balance which ultimately leads to the glorious freedom of acceptance.

Do not seek to avoid nor create discomfort, but do recognize it’s value when it arises. The process of enlightenment can often feel overwhelming. Mindfulness transforms moments of soul searching into wisdom and compassion.

Don’t play it safe. Trust the processes of your awakening and just take one more step, breathe one more conscious breath and allow love to express itself through you as often as possible. Should you encounter resistance in yourself or from others, see it as an indicator that the work you are doing has incredible value. The spiritual journey is not a straight line to a fixed goal. It is a fluid, transformative process.

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