The Path of Love

The connections that bind us to one another have existed for eternity.
“Imagine a love that flows from a source that is nothing but compassion and truth. Imagine being in love in a way that consumes your existence, and renders everything else, your ego, your identity, your material attachments meaningless.”  
~Runjhun Noopur~ 

Our spiritual quest is to experience the highest source of love – love with the Divine. Part of that practice is learning to love in a way that is ultimately pure and free from ego-driven desire. As we open to one another in a way that is completely present, vulnerable and authentic, we remove the barriers that divide us. To see the sacredness in another is the greatest gift that you can give.

Once you strip away future-based desire, judgment, conventional thought, attachment to outcomes and ego driven fear, all that remains is a sense of connectedness. Our love for the planet, for ourselves and for one another can now be experienced without distraction or pain. Imagine your experience in this world to be one of safety, spiritual depth, support and communion. If you can see it, you can create it. You can choose to enter a place of peace, power, growth, joy and transformation. This is a path of your own design.

Practice being love. Walk gently in the world. Let compassion guide your choices and how you respond to whatever life offers. We are on an incredible journey to explore the infinite facets of Oneness – and they can only be discovered through our love for one another.

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