The nature of eternity


You are a spark of the Divine… infinite, eternal, multi-faceted.

“To clarify ‘eternal’ just a smidge…
Once the river of time has rounded her final bend,
and the last star in the sky has brightened its last night,
and every child who may ever be conceived
has been given ten thousand names…
we will have just begun.”
~The Universe~
(Mike Dooley)

With our limited human perception, it’s difficult to process the idea of eternity. Time is a construct of the mind and often it drives us to hurry through the present moment in order to get somewhere else; however, the present moment is all there is.

We are all participating in an exploration of separateness. The lifetimes we spend on this planet, the roles we play and the lessons we learn from one another are only the beginning of an incredible journey to rediscover Oneness.

“Gradually we’ll learn from one another what we forget. That we’re all one. Our relationships will enable us. The law of karma will teach us. Our challenges will focus us. Love will remind us.”
~Jose Stevens~

There is enough time. Everyone on the planet will eventually evolve through all earth-based soul ages: Infant, Baby, Young, Mature and Old to finally discover that we are all One. Tending to your own state of consciousness will ultimately aid in the awakening of all humanity. Have compassion for yourself and for one another.
Today my intention is to remember that the healing energy of the Divine unceasingly flows through every cell of this body, every dream and every experience.
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