The nature of duality

We are infinite spiritual beings who chose the experience of being human. We delve into all possibilities, learning from each, for the sole purpose of remembering our true nature.

That’s right! I trust the processes of my awakening

The Divine seeks to make itself known in every situation. Emotions, desire and wisdom blend together in the tapestry of life. The spiritual seeker learns to navigate the paradox of existence with the understanding that all is part of the whole. We must have darkness in order to experience light. Allow yourself to be a conscious observer as everything falls into place perfectly (yes, even without striving and worry), guided by the Divine.

We live in an age of information – it bombards us at every turn. Seek to live beyond the world of form and you will be rewarded with inspiration and wisdom that will allow you to perceive all that unfolds from a higher perspective


Today, my intention is to remember that mastery can be achieved through acceptance and allowing.

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