The laws of love

Love resides at the core of all things.

That’s Right! The greatest gift I can give those around me is to be my authentic self

The seven laws of love are:

  • Attraction – to be attractive, one must be authentic
  • Infatuation – changes the filter through which we view life. The ordinary becomes enchanted
  • Communion – we learn to trust, connecting soul to soul as we enter uncharted territory together
  • Intimacy – we learn to tap into sexual and spiritual energy which is the creative energy of the Universe
  • Surrender and non-attachment – conscious surrender allows us to discover our true selves, the limitless, ego free awareness that lives beyond desire, fear and neediness
  • Passion – passion for life and passion for love merge and are expressed in our daily journey. All is love
  • Ecstasy – the final state of love and the expansive energy of our true nature. This is expressed by living a life of grace and intimacy with the Divine

(Paraphrased from Kama Sutra by Deepak Chopra)

The spiritual seeker utilizes the relationships in their experience to awaken a deeper connection with the Divine. Through conscious interaction, we learn to see through the mechanisms of the ego in order to access the Oneness that connects us all. In love, we come together and discover the power of trust, kindness, openness and empowerment.

 Today my intention is to honor those who grace my life by being my authentic self. I expect my life to be good and joyous and it is.

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