The law of attraction

Energy flows where your attention goes.

That’s right! The love from my heart flows joyously through my body

When you live in balance with your true nature, grace moves throughout your life. The awakened spirit lives the message rather than preaching it, and how we live determines what we attract.

Spiritual awareness allows us to function well in the world while remaining balanced and aligned with the Divine. We draw upon our resources and wisdom to find new ways in which to interact with others. This is the law of attraction in action – whatever you give out returns to you. Everything is energy – love, compassion, money, gifts – and energy is always in motion.

When we give love, we increase our capacity for love. When we share our gifts, we discover new nuances of our abilities… and this is how we teach. Let your life be your message.

Today, my intention is to handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease.
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