The Journey

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”
~Steve Maraboli~

New experiences offer an opportunity to explore undiscovered aspects of ourselves. Fresh adventures have a unique beauty all their own. When you view your journey as a joy and a celebration, you’ll find that true security comes from a willingness to be fully present within the never-ending expansiveness of life.

Today is a new world filled with infinite possibility. Participation is key. Be willing to explore, experience and feel. Don’t close yourself off out of fear, for you never know what beauty may be waiting to unfold in your life. Listen and allow your authentic self to shine. Planning creates a rigid sense of expectation and limitation that precludes our ability to trust and express our inner wisdom.

Plans are meant to inspire movement. They open the heart to new ideas and start a flow of change in our lives; however, often that is their sole purpose. Once we set sail, the winds determine the direction.

Don’t wait for some achievement to give meaning to your life. Instead, see yourself as an adventurer into the infinite. The destination is joy.

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