The Intention of Joy

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”
~Andrew Carnegie~

Our purpose is to support one another while holding the vibration of joy. In this manner, each of us can play a role in the collective transformation of which we all are a part. Imagine creating a space of joy prior to any interaction. Imagine walking through your days with an authentic carefree delight inspired by giving the gift of joy to those with whom you come in contact.

All too often the converse is what we experience. We walk into the world with our personal expectations and plans and cross paths with someone lost in the pain of their own world. The person with the stronger energy will transform the other. Many spiritual seekers are still learning to break free from old habits and rediscover their joy. Because of this, one can sometimes be impacted by the heavy energy of another – this is why inner work, meditation, gratitude and setting intention is such an important process when beginning the day. We must be firmly grounded in beauty in order to maintain our balance and teach by example, no matter what unfolds.
Consider taking a moment to consciously prepare for a potentially challenging interaction. Take a few moments to visualize open and effective communication. See the energy flow between the those involved with greater ease than ever before. Know that everyone will receive something enriching from the transaction. Set the intention of joy.
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