The greatest gift

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

“With my loving attitude, I help to create a world where it is safe for us to love each other.”
~Louise Hay~ 
This is the moment of transformation. You have an opportunity to bring the best version of yourself to all of your interactions. Every time you choose not to participate in anger, judgment, drama or unhappiness, you demonstrate a new way of being into the world.

Our thoughts and actions have great impact. It’s time to break free from the past and be an active participant in the future we long to create. Since life is a reflection of our collective state of consciousness, each of us has the ability to be a light in the darkness. Pay attention to how you handle the little things. Observe your joy – does it radiate from within or is it based upon outward validation? Observe your level of patience – are you fully present or always focused upon trying to get to the next thing?

As we awaken to our true nature we live differently, we communicate differently. Our lives become a measure of our integrity. There will be times when your light shines through in amazing ways and others where you may miss the mark. See yourself clearly and never stop evolving.

Today my intention is to remember that peace begins with me.  
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