The Grace of Gratitude

“Those who awaken never rest in one place. Like swans, they rise and leave the lake. On the air they rise and fly an invisible course. Their food is knowledge. They live on emptiness. They have seen how to break free. Who can follow them?”
~Gautama Buddha~

All life is in a constant flow of creation, evolution and transformation. The infinite love of the Divine resides within each and every particle of existence and we can choose to live harmoniously within its flow.

As you advance on your journey of spiritual awakening, things become easier. With maturity and expanded perception, you are less likely to attempt to control events  and can allow life to unfold as it will with the knowledge that everything works toward your highest good.

Trusting the flow of your life doesn’t mean floating aimlessly lost within the minutia of experience. It is a purposeful response and a conscious choice to move in whatever direction is required without losing your way. This flexibility is what allow us to be authentic instruments of the Divine, bringing aspects of creativity and healing into our lives and, by extension, into our collective consciousness.

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