The gifts of adversity

When something or someone leaves your life, it is because you are ready for something new to appear.
“I break new ground and begin exciting new ventures.”
~ Louise Hay ~
One of the greatest gifts of my life was my inability to get a job after I was led to move to a new area. I did my best and faced closed doors at every turn. The skills I had cultivated didn’t seem appreciated. One by one, all the options I thought I had disappeared until finally, there was nothing left. In that moment of confusion I awakened to a new idea – I should open my own business… (at the time it was hypnotherapy and Reiki) and almost immediately support began to flow from various sources, usually in the form of people who were open to what I had to offer.

Every person who entered my space became a teacher. Each new book inspired insight and freedom. My world opened in ways I never imagined.

Five years later I lost everything once again. Two businesses, a home, friendships and support, money and credit ratings seemed to disappear overnight. When all the options dried up, I followed (with less trepidation this time) where the energy led. The flow of change, assistance, opening and the discovery of new abilities happened once again. This time they came more quickly and had greater impact, and I could feel only gratitude for the change and disruption in my life.

When we allow rather than struggle, miracles happen. Each of us is loved, supported and guided each and every step of the journey. Trust the processes of your awakening and do not resist the changes that come your way for there is always something new to discover.
Today my intention is to see every moment as a sweet new beginning filled with infinite potential.


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