The gifts of adversity

little_boy_happy.jpgConsider the gifts of adversity.

That’s Right! Everything in my experience is here to help me awaken. The gateways to wisdom and enlightenment are always open to me

Challenges allow us the opportunity to discover the best in us. In order to rise above, we must tap into our strengths, passion, patience, compassion and courage. When we choose to transform challenges into empowerment, we recognize the gifts that are inherent in every situation.

Be patient with the processes of your own growth. Love yourself enough to appreciate how far you have already come. Observe the support you have in your life and utilize it to the best of your ability.

Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.” Whether someone walks with you for a moment or for a lifetime, be grateful for what you learn together. Seek peace in the maelstrom by bringing the peace within you to the surface.

In your willingness to grow and change, you create a space in which a transformation can occur. Know that you are loved, guided and supported each and every step of the way.

Today my intention is to love who I am and reward myself with thoughts of praise.
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