The dance of awakening

Our relationships with one another help us to explore our relationship with the Divine.

That’s Right! Everyone in my life plays a specific role in my awakening      
When ready to work on strengthening a particular facet of our experience, we emit an energetic signal that draws in the perfect people and circumstances to support that growth. When you respond strongly to someone, it is one soul recognizing another in joyful reunion.

The moments you share may be wonderful or challenging, or a blend of both, but once you engage in a karmic contract the opportunity for growth begins.

You can measure the impact this person has on your experience but the level of emotional reaction you have to them. Once the lesson has been learned, the intensity will decrease and you will enter a state of loving neutrality. Lingering energy indicates that you are still processing and healing. Be thankful for the healing angels of your life – no matter what form they take – for they are walking you home.

Today my intention is to be grateful for all those who have graced my life. Thank you for the role you have played in my awakening.

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