The continuity of change

Life is quite simply this:  interconnected, continuous, transformative movement.
That’s Right! It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I choose to live with grace and gratitude
Whether your life situation is challenging or beautiful, remember that “This too shall pass.” Life, by it’s literal definition, is the process of adapting to change that occurs internally. The human condition is an experience that we choose and all aspects of it have great beauty to share.
Be open and receptive to change. Collectively, we are often in the process of upheaval and discovery, and it’s in those moments that a sense of inner peace is paramount. There is nothing more important than your state of consciousness. Energy emits from every thought, word and action and flows through us out into the world, only to return in the form of experience.
You have the ability to choose how you wish to respond to life. When you are conscious of the ebb and flow of constant change, it becomes easier to rise above the events and see more clearly.
Today my intention is to live in harmony with all of life.
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