The beauty of silence

If you can’t find the words to explain your beliefs, you’re on the right path.

“Seek out a tree and let it teach you stillness.”  
~Eckhart Tolle~ 
We can use words as signposts, as pointers that lead us in the right direction; however, by their very nature, words are limiting. Have you ever had a dream, loved a novel, been moved by music and found the experience diminished when trying to describe it to another? That’s because the awakening you feel is bigger than mere words.

When you experience something so moving and enlightening, let it speak through the peaceful silences of your highest nature. When you allow your life to be your message, the meaning is understood by those who bear witness your true energy in motion.

These are the gifts we give the world. Once we know that enlightenment can’t be explained, possessed or achieved, we can then begin the delicate operation of teaching by example. Seek only to live your own truth. Everything else will take care of itself.
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