The art of allowing

There is no need to strive.

That’s Right! I release all control to the Divine. I am at peace with myself and with life

Desire creates imbalance. The ego tells us we must have goals, direction and a plan. It says “Strive! Nothing will ever change unless you make it happen…” and we fall prey to this notion – seeking, fighting, forcing – all the while forgetting to embrace this moment in all it’s perfection.

As your consciousness expands life begins to respond to you differently. What once took great effort now flows with greater ease and grace. Change comes from seeing clearly and taking baby steps, sparking miracles and transformation. Energetically, it’s the difference between someone attempting to move a huge boulder with brute force compared to the ease of using simple laws of physics and a pry bar.

Release the belief that struggle is a virtue. Love what you do and it will begin to flow. When you are ready to receive, life will rise up to meet you and you’ll discover the art of allowing.

Today my intention is to easily adapt to the ebb and flow of life. I am gentle, kind and patient with myself.

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