Take responsibility for your own joy

Blaming is a defense mechanism. When we allow the ego to replay a particular story, it becomes our perception of truth and distracts us from addressing the core of our pain where it truly resides – within us.

The spiritual seeker takes full responsibility for their own consciousness and when we release the need for blame, it becomes much easier to create transformation in our lives. It’s very empowering to discover that the ability to heal comes from within, and that it can never be taken from you.

Every moment offers a choice. We can cling to the stories of the past or embrace a new way of being. We can fight against what is or accept what is. Periodically take a moment to observe how you feel – are you at ease with where you are and what you are choosing to do, or is there something keeping you from your natural state of joy? If you find that you are out of balance, first recognize that you can choose differently, notice the timbre of your thoughts and ensure that they support what you wish to create. Then, take one powerful and conscious step forward. The change will come.

Be committed at attaining wisdom. Knowledge is a by-product of the ego – understanding the whys and how and forming theories about the truth; however, wisdom is the spontaneous awakening of your heart and the discovery of truth itself.

Today my intention is to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.

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