Subconscious Beliefs

Pay attention to what repeats in your experience.

“Spiritual work is possible in one place alone: here, in exactly what you are experiencing right now.”   
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Repetitive struggles show us where we are stuck. When a challenge repeats, the initial response is “Not again!” or “I knew it!” The ego loves to be right and these recurring patterns solidify the limiting belief and add to the energy keeping it in place.

Awareness is the first step of transformation. Rather than getting trapped in victim consciousness, seek to change your inner dialogue. Empowerment means that we take full responsibility for how we respond to life; therefore, this moment of insight calls upon us to honor the challenge as a teacher and respond accordingly. So how does one respond with empowerment? By utilizing gratitude and being willing to change without self-criticism.

As you change, the world around you is transformed. People will respond to you differently. You will rise above the old patterns and set yourself free. You will discover a new way of being. The possibilities are limitless.

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