Stillness speaks…

Stillness speaks…
“Changes can begin in this moment. I am willing to change.” 
~Louise Hay~

Our inner voice speaks the language of the heart. In times of challenge (perceived or actual), thought takes over, the mental chatter increases and it can be easy to get lost in the stories of the ego.

Stillness resides within you. Ultimately there is no need to make things more complicated; however, the ego loves to create a story that enlightenment is hard, it’s work, it takes too much time… and spiritual sleep returns.
Consciously choosing to bring stillness into daily life is a great form of meditation. It can be accessed through breathing, gratitude, prayer, listening or simple observation without thought.
In the midst of a work day, periodically stop, close your eyes, and breathe deeply – notice the feel of your heart beat, how it feels to sit in the chair, slow down the rhythms of the body… and then open your eyes to look at your work with new energy, perception and attitude. You will shift how the day flows around you.
When we get caught in the whirlwind of anxiety, we become stressed. That energy flows outward, which of course becomes the new filter through which the world is experienced. The stress increases. Each of us has wandered within that cycle and watched others get lost in it too.
Today, make a point to give yourself space. Listen to the voice of the heart which will always be kind, calming and supportive. I would love to hear any examples of how you successfully shifted a situation through recognizing the ego, calming your own energy and allowing stillness to rise within you.
Today my intention is to bring stillness into all that I do, to live from the heart – alive, radiant, contented and joyful…
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