“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”
~Deepak Chopra~
We cannot control other people or the events of life as they unfold. We can, however, control how we choose to respond to them. The quickest way to a healthy, conscious response is to be peaceful and balanced before challenges arise. Make inner stillness a priority. Slow down, breathe, observe. When the ego seems to demand that you react or opine, purposely move into mindful acceptance and compassion prior to choosing to speak or taking action.
In every moment you have the choice to accept or reject. Whether pleasant or not, what is, is. Rejection takes us out of the stillness of the present moment while acceptance takes us deeper into it. Challenges do not block you from awakening, they are the path of awakening.
External distractions, mental noise and emotional turbulence can block the voice of your inner wisdom. But even in moments of chaos, you can still access the stillness that resides in the background of your life. When you can slow down and step into that energy, you create a sense of peace in your experience. Let that stillness be the foundation of your interactions.
Wherever you are, be there completely. Immerse yourself within the task at hand and pay attention to the experience itself. Every cell in your body is filled with Divine intelligence. The infinite source of life itself seeks to express itself through you.
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