Soul Mates

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Technically speaking, everyone with whom you’ve ever interacted throughout your many lifetimes is a soul mate.

“The spiritual practice of relationships is about working on ourselves only, freeing ourselves from the constricting grip of our own unhappiness. It is not the other person’s job to take our unhappiness away; our discomfort is our own responsibility. Attending to our own spiritual tasks – seeing our judgments, opinions, beliefs, demands, and staying present with the fears out of which they all arise – frees others to move toward us. Then, when they no longer feel the need to defend, they become more willing to take care of their job. Thus joy in relationships becomes possible.”~Ezra Bayda~

A common ego-based myth is that every person has one soul-mate – that perfect person who will make one’s life joyful and complete. This sets up an multi-leveled challenge. The moment that karmic lessons arise (and they most certainly do in almost every relationship), the ego can jump in and create dissatisfaction. One may believe that they’ve anchored in the wrong place, begin looking for that ‘perfect’ other, or pine away in loneliness thinking that they’ve missed their one chance for true love.

We seek the perfect relationships to assist us with our awakening. This means that we’ll often draw in someone that brings our own dysfunction to the surface. The awakening soul turns into the lesson rather than running from it.

Know that you are right where you need to be. Those who grace your life play supportive roles in your spiritual growth. As you heal old wounds, release limiting patterns and beliefs, and move into empowered self-love, your relationships will become easier and more supportive.

Today my intention is to love unconditionally, beginning with myself.

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