Solitary Wisdom

Go within.

All that is true and all that is real will always bring you to aloneness. Love, prayer, life, death, aesthetic experiences, blissful moments – they all come when you are alone.”

As an awakening master, you have the ability to be more conscious than ever before about your approach to life. Utilize the tools you have cultivated thus far on your path of transformation and be ruthlessly honest, yet gentle with yourself. Everything you experience provides an opportunity for greater clarity.

Know that your journey is unique and honor that uniqueness as sacred. Something higher is moving through your heart right now and if you choose to go within, you’ll discover that all that you seek is already within you.

Your soul is deeply connected to the rhythm of the universe. Feel it. Recognize it as a powerful aspect within the ebb and flow of your life. Energy squandered on resistance is wasted; therefore, let your Presence infuse moments of solitude as well as moments of chaos with a deep knowing that you are ready to step into a new world.


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