Self approval and self acceptance

Whatever you fight, you strengthen. What you resist, persists. What you put your attention on grows… all these statements point to one idea – our energy flows into whatever we focus upon.

When you truly desire to create change, realize that fighting the (perceived) negative is a waste of time. The more you dwell on something, the more it is created within your experience and it takes up permanent resistance within your life.

Empowerment lies within the act of creation. Hatred manifests nothing; however, consciously opening to new experience shifts the energy so that change can be accepted immediately. No matter what the problem, the answer lies within learning to love the self. Loving yourself makes you feel good. It’s time to retrain the mind to receive.

Self approval and self acceptance are the keys to transformation. Let “I approve of myself” become your new mantra – this will bring up any old beliefs buried within the subconscious. Repeat it to yourself continually throughout the day. Observe the responses your ego provides (likely that you can’t approve of yourself yet because you’re still ____), notice them, consciously release them and then turn back to approval.

Let all of your choices be led by joy. This ensures that you will plant seeds of beauty within all aspects of your life experience. As you nurture the changes that begin to emerge, celebrate the whole of existence that resides within that tiny seed.

Today my intention is to use positive thinking, affirmations and conscious expectations to create the transformation I desire Now.

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