You have always done the best that you can… and the same is true for all of those around you

That’s Right! Every change in my life lifts me to a new level of understanding
Suffering occurs when we are unhappy with our own choices and behavior. When one begins to second-guess past decisions, all the vital life force energy begins to drain out of the present moment.
You have always done the best that you can. Based upon your life-path, soul age, imprinting, experience and interpretation of the world around you, you responded in the way you thought best at the time. Awareness creates a space in which transformation can occur and every situation has something to teach. Is it any wonder that you have greater knowledge after the fact? You are absolutely on the right path and your perception should grow and change with you.
The art of self-forgiveness allows you to release the past. This is the moment of transformation; however, transformation can only occur when we put down the burdens of the heart. Should past situations repeat, notice any new responses that you have. Be a loving witness of your own evolution and let the gentle movement of awareness expand each and every day.

Today my intention is to feel safe in the rhythm and flow of my ever-changing life.

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