Say Yes to Life

Say “Yes!” to life… even the hard parts.
That’s right! When all limitations and blockages are released, all that remains is wholeness

In acceptance, we become the openness that allows life to be experienced. This includes aspects that are challenging, painful, frustrating or even boring. The point of being awakened is to be awake to whatever arises in the present moment.

“When our plans crumble and there seems to be nothing left, it is only by completely surrendering to what is that we can realize that what is left is more than enough.”
~ Ezra Bayda

Allowing life to be is a gift that you give yourself every day. When we choose to escape our self-imposed prisons – demanding perfection or residing in self-judgment or criticism – we discover that we are perfect in our imperfection. That is the paradox of being a spiritual seeker playing in the world of form. Consider this a grand experiment, one which allows you to explore all the various facets of being human while simultaneously awakening to your true infinite nature.

Today, my intention is to accept people as they are, thus opening the possibility of authentic connection.

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