Recognize the sacredness in all that you see.

“The small things in life have to be transformed by your inner transformation. This I call the religious quality; everything becomes sacred. Taking a bath, making love, eating food, going to sleep – everything becomes sacred.”   

Experience the world around you without interpretation. Simply look at the new growth on a tree, lose yourself in the smile of a dog, be amazed by the clouds as they move across the sky. All life has a rhythm, an energy that is constantly sparking creativity and rebirth. We are part of this beautiful rhythm.

The wordless messages of existence can only be heard with the heart. Experience, feel, observe – and notice when the ego jumps in with facts, knowledge, projections or distracting words and ideas that limit your experience. Moments of inner silence play a valuable role in your spiritual awakening.

Let your life be a communion with all that you see. The sacredness you experience is a reflection of your own energy. As within, so without.

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