Repetitive life patterns

Lessons repeat, growing in intensity, until we no longer require them.

“Suffering turns to hopelessness when you forget that it’s your teacher.”
~Ezra Bayda~

In the midst of a challenge, take a moment to examine the events of your life to see if you notice a repetitive pattern emerge. If you have often felt abandoned by people you trust, unheard by those around you, consistently struggle to feel financially secure or experience disappointment in love, there is a core limiting belief that needs to be healed.

Choose to transform any semblance of victim consciousness you may cling to into a powerful aspect of your spiritual awakening. We are often very resistant when it comes to seeing ourselves clearly. This is why life will present the same lesson in many different forms, growing in intensity, until it becomes glaringly obvious. Once the blinders come off, you’ll be able to begin the process of change.

Pay close attention to your inner dialogue as well as how you describe the situation to those to whom you turn. Notice repetitive words or phrases that come through such as, “Nothing I do is good enough” or “Every time things start going well, the rug is pulled out from under me.” Those are limiting core beliefs and they can consciously be changed by changing how you think.

Love yourself. Begin now. A gift awaits discovery.

Today my intention is to say Yes to life. Everything plays a specific purpose in my awakening.

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