Releasing the need to fight

Stress and suffering are caused by neural toxic pathways in the mind. In order to disengage from this energy, we need to be mindful of aligning with the energetic frequency of others who are lost in the maze of blame (or from seeking others to support our own limiting stories). Commiserating with someone may appear on the surface as an act of friendship or empathy; however, we soon become lost in drama and actually strengthen the stories of the mind – not only for the other person, but for ourselves as well.

Detached compassion is a powerful way to hold the space of love. Most often, it is easier to do this for others than for ourselves. We can  weave the energy that will ultimately cleanse emotional wounds by facilitating a space in which the other can rediscover healing, grace and laughter. Releasing the need to fight and moving into acceptance is a powerful way to change the energy quickly. Instead of feeding the energy into what we would like to change, we flow all our intention and purpose into meaningful action, quickly creating transformation on all levels – spiritually, mentally, emotional and physically. While your ego may mourn the loss of control, your soul will sing with delight at the peace and serenity you’ve created in your experience.

Today my intention is to remember that the Universe supports me in every thought I choose to think and believe.

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