Releasing Limitation

“What we repeatedly visualize changes our body and consciousness. Visualize freedom and compassion.”
~Jack Kornfield~
We have an opportunity for expansive growth in this moment. By choosing not to be offended by anyone or anything, by releasing hurt and resentment, by rising above the mechanisms of the mind, we create space in which a transformation can occur.
Set yourself free from all fear and limitation. Recognize that your interpretation of the world is a reflection of your own level of consciousness and be willing to learn from any challenges that arise. Everything serves a specific purpose on your journey of discovery.
I am forever grateful and humbled when circumstances show me ways in which I limit myself. As a lifetime student of love, I am willing to explore its nuances no matter how they are presented. The willingness to release judgment and move into acceptance is a lifelong process.
The more consciousness you bring to a situation, the more you’ll be able to recognize the inherent possibilities contained within it. The awakening spirit is simply willing to explore the unknown rather than continuing to repeat old patterns. You can choose to see life as an adventure while exploring the many facets of love.


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