Though it may seem far away at times, love is all around you.

“Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”  

This planet is a playground of discovery. As we journeyed through the veils of illusion we came to believe what we see more and more and forgot that there are layers of love and protection all around us. Eventually, the challenges we faced prompted the process of self-examination. One by one we drop the layers of illusion until finally, all that remains is love and joy.

It is safe for you to act from the heart and allow circumstances to unfold as they will. Navigating our way through the unknown cultivates the ability to have faith during times of indecision. We are called upon to act with courage and integrity in the present moment and trust that whatever unfolds is working toward the highest good of all involved.

Remind yourself often that all of life is conspiring on your behalf. Seek only to bring the best version of yourself to your choices and interactions. As you awaken, you’ll discover that the challenges you face seem more manageable. Reactivity will decrease and a sense of safety will be the grounding force for all that you experience.

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