Planting Seeds of Kindness

“Kindness is simple.
It is seeing the good in everyone, and celebrating it.”

You have the power to transform the world. When we choose to plant seeds of kindness, we spark waves of love that travel throughout the energetic grid of the planet. Whether you bear witness to the end result or not, know that you do make a vast difference in the awakening of our collective consciousness.

Thoughts matter. Cultivate the ability to see and amplify the good in each situation. Your thoughts will then inform your attitude and actions. With each transformative moment, we have the opportunity to learn new ways to love. Kindness is a gift that is never wasted. Not only does it impact others in wonderful ways, but we too, are left changed by the experience.

Embrace your unique role in the world. Your willingness to shine feeds energy into the seeds of kindness that you sow. When we teach by example, we create space in which a transformation can occur.

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