Peace is possible Now

Peace is possible Now.

That’s right! I am willing to take responsibility for my own joy

Your job is not to seek to change the world, but only to seek to awaken. When we create a space of inner balance and awareness, we bring a new paradigm to our experiences. The changes we experience are not really changes at all, but a rediscovery of our truth and potential by releasing all the barriers to love that we carry.

Many people struggle with the concept of forgiveness – not because forgiveness is distasteful, but because they have become too identified with the ego-driven story of victimhood. A part of the mind cannot fathom the freedom and empowerment that awaits and clings to the known rather than exploring all the life-affirming nuances that spiritual healing has to offer.

Imagine a life unencumbered by regrets about the past or worry about the future. Imagine joy and contentment filling every layer of your being – every cell, thought, memory and dream. Immerse yourself in the present moment and seek joy Now. Everything else will take care of itself.

Today, my intention is to live with an open heart.

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