Opportunities to change

You are loved, guided and supported each and every step of the way.

“I turn every experience into an opportunity.” 
~Louise Hay~
Nothing opens us to change as much as the shock of loss. Challenges force us to see past the things that once provided the illusion of safety and comfort. The most profound transformations occur in the midst of chaos. When everything falls apart, we often discover that what remains is more than enough… and we begin to build again.

Old patterns and ways of being must be released in order to make way for new energy. We are called upon to walk forward with innocence and trust into the unknown. Having walked through the dark, having faced fear, we emerge into the light, empowered.

“This attitude of openness and acceptance invites new friends and experiences into our lives.”
Challenges also awaken our compassion for others who are facing similar circumstances. By sharing your story and insights, you can provide hope and inspiration to those in need.
 Today my intention is to remember that real joy is often just a quiet presence in the moment.
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