Opening to life

Life is about being open to experience, vulnerable and willing to expand into joy from wherever you are with what you have.

I am willing to greet life with open arms and an open heart.
Fear, judgment, limiting beliefs and doubt can keep us from opening ourselves to whatever life has to offer. Each moment is about experience. Every situation has something to teach, and we have the responsibility to greet life with open arms.
Those who remain stuck in old mindsets miss the joy of discovering their own beauty. When you interact with those who struggle with repeating patterns, hold them in your mind with love and compassion. Everyone is on the same path – the Path of Transformation. Whether we awaken in this particular lifetime or one yet to come, it’s important to remember that awakening and joy will definitely come.
This infinite Universe will continue to offer opportunities to discover love – again and again – until each one of us steps into enlightenment.
Today my intention is to love unconditionally remembering that we are here to help one another along the way.
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