Open to Life

You are more powerful than you realize.

“Concentration can silence the world, but true spiritual practice is about opening to life, not shutting it out.” 
~Ezra Bayda~

Observe words that cause limitation. There are many, who upon contemplating change or spiritual transformation, block their own growth by stating limiting beliefs. They express a desire to evolve or to heal and then sabotage any possible momentum by verbalizing why it likely won’t work.

Others, in the form of jest, belittle themselves or their ability to break free from old patterns, never realizing how powerful their words are. It can be challenging to notice a habitual way of being or speaking that you have lived with for a long time. Give someone who loves you permission to point out limiting statements when they arise. You may be surprised how often you anchor negative beliefs or circumstances in place.

It’s important to suspend disbelief and open yourself to the possibility of a miracle or breakthrough. Our purpose is to awaken. Whether or not we do so is a personal choice that we must make again and again upon the journey of discovery.

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