Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness

Expand into a new way of being.
That’s Right! I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to use in any way that I choose
Challenges arise to assist us in our spiritual growth. They originate from limiting thought patterns, judgment, fear or anger – often growing larger due to others who are willing to participate in the drama. It is often from this space of confusion and dysfunction that we attempt to correct the situation… and therein lies the mental trap. We must first focus on creating inner balance and shifting our awareness to a higher level. From there, perceptions change, new solutions are discovered and the power of love enters.
There is a purpose behind every circumstance. Sometimes clear, sometimes murky, but always, ultimately a beautiful coordinated movement of consciousness which is attempting to manifest in the present moment. Seek to bring the best aspects of yourself to every situation. When you are willing to slow down, become aware and approach this moment with compassion, everything changes.
Today my intention is to meet the challenges of life with an open heart.
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