Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness

Let your life be a dance of awakening.

“Joy is spiritual. It is different, totally different from pleasure or happiness. It has nothing to do with the outside, with the other, it is an inner phenomenon.”

It’s imperative to have a healing outlet for intense emotion and the tension that is created when trying to meet life’s many demands and expectations. Without healthy release, many people build up repressed energy until they manifest an explosion (usually over something small or unrelated to the core issue) in order to clear the tension.

Physical movement can be very helpful in these moments – beat a pillow, shake the body, jump, run or dance – anything to allow your energy to move freely. This conscious approach can alleviate the soul’s need to create a catastrophe in order to release negative energy.

The things we repress become burdens that influence our behavior. Consistent gratitude, meditation, conscious breathing or prayer aligns you with the Divine; however, it’s important too, to release the things which do not serve you.

All humanity struggles with the same issues – simply from varying degrees of consciousness and perception. When we recognize the commonality of our experience, our hopes and dreams, our fears and doubts, we are better able to see how we are joined together in the miracle of existence. What harms one, harms all. What heals one, heals all.

Celebration joins us. In joy, how can we harm one another (or ourselves)? As we find ways to create an attitude of laughter, of living and celebrating the present moment, we learn the power of acceptance and freedom.

Today my intention is to dance with the joy of life.

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