New Perception and Expansion

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”
~William Blake~

As we begin to grow spiritually our frequency changes. We respond differently to life and see the world around us through new filters. Growth always elicits a response. Sometimes it is met with resistance and fear by those who have not yet awakened, while others are inspired to join us in the delight of freedom, new perception and the joy of expansion.

When we encounter fear or ridicule, it is simply the arising of that which needs to be healed in the other person. In that moment, you become a catalyst in their awakening and you can choose to see that as a gift. Allow your light to shine, see through the fear and honor the process of transformation.

Do not fear the challenges in your life. They often provide opportunities to put our newfound knowledge, beliefs and talents to the test. When the soul is ready to expand, it goes through a deep cleansing and purification process which prepares it to receive new levels of wisdom. This is why profound change often follows intense challenges. The structures have been shaken and we ultimately emerge with a greater sense of peace and inner strength.


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