No matter what unfolds, we have an opportunity to be mindful of our responses and actions and how we direct our energy.

That’s Right! Peace begins with me. The more peaceful I am inside, the more peace I have to share with others

Challenge yourself today to pay attention to how much energy you spend (or notice others spending) complaining about the state of the world. The ego is subtle. It finds a foothold during a conversation by expressing the commonality we share in our human experience. Then, masquerading as concern or agreement, we may find ourselves feeding the energy of the ego’s story rather than redirecting our energy toward love or solutions.

During your observations, also notice how much time you spend in prayer, meditation, quiet contemplation or engaged in joyful, enthusiastic activity. For many people, the primary flow of energy is focused on worries or perceived problems and perhaps 10% on joy, enthusiasm or acceptance.

As conscious spiritual students, we are called upon to bring our awareness to the timbre of our thoughts often throughout the day. Seek to transform the flow of your energy by being mindful in the present moment, allowing less and less of your energy and intention to be affected by ego until you find yourself living in a constant state of grace.

Today my intention is to remember that today is the future I created yesterday. With that in mind, I create the life of my dreams Now.

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