Messages in the Now

“Spirituality is not adopting more beliefs and assumptions but uncovering the best in you.”
~Amit Ray~
When you choose to really pay attention, you’ll discover that messages are everywhere. It’s an interesting process to observe the flow of experience, see what repeats or leaves a lasting impression, and then research various spiritual interpretations. Inner wisdom subtly seeks to make itself known through reflections that capture our attention.
Your life experience is a loving, constant and evolving conversation with the Divine. Let yourself be inspired. The movement of awakening can take many forms and ultimately you will discover the way that is most appropriate for you.
Likewise, consciously living your truth and being fully present may allow you to be a conduit for messages to come through for other people. We are mirrors for one another, each playing our role to perfection. As we rise above the ego, the messages that come through become more pure.
Others may come to you for advice. Should you notice yourself giving similar encouragement or insight throughout the day, realize that the information is actually for you. The universe will often send the perfect person to provide an opportunity for you to recognize your own wisdom.
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