Making choices based in love

Let all your decisions be made from a space of love rather than fear. When choosing a job, beginning or ending a relationship, whether or not to spend time with family or anything else you can imagine, let love be your guide. Facing challenges becomes a conscious act of devotion – we strive to find the lesson or help another to heal. Our integrity and passion lifts our actions and provides greater strength in whatever we choose to do.

Conversely, if you stay in a situation out of fear of facing the unknown, it can be masked as duty or charity; however, the momentum becomes lost. The vibration of fear brings limitation, not only in our own beliefs about our abilities but in the possibilities we allow ourselves to see.

The place to begin is within. Learning to love the self ensures that you will walk life’s path with greater confidence and faith in your choices. Spend the entire day today making decisions based upon love and witness how different the energy is. There is much more power in choosing not to spend time with someone who is toxic because you love yourself, rather than because you “hate” them. Staying in a job because you’re afraid of losing income has less power than taking a conscious risk to build the life of your dreams. Let yourself be led by love.

Today my intention is to expand into new directions.

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