Love is the goal

Explore the mysteries of love…

“I become more lovable every day. I am seen by others as a loving, forgiving person.”
~Louise Hay~ 
Everyone with whom you come into contact is there to help you explore the myriad nuances of love. See those who grace your life as teachers and choose to be a willing student. Challenges and resistance provide an opportunity to observe any areas where you may be blocked. Simply pay attention with an open heart and know that you have the ability to break free. Your awareness sparks transformation.

Beauty is found in contrast. Those with differing beliefs or means of expression can actually help us to shine in ways we would never discover when only participating with those of like mind. When we share ideas or teach others, the act of articulation further anchors the wisdom we have attained so far. So, be yourself, love yourself and be willing to learn something new.
Today my intention is to enjoy the art of discovery. There is always something new to learn.
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