Living with purpose

We share the same inner purpose – to awaken – and everyone is at various points on the journey of transformation. This can be hard to remember when we witness someone who is lost in fear, anger or dysfunction; however, each of us is a master in the process of awakening to our true nature and purpose. As soon as you become clear about who and what you are, you will draw in the challenges and circumstances that will allow you to share your light.

It’s easy to get lost in physical life. We find a mate or career, entwine with family and community, explore topics of interest or develop a skill. All of these beautiful aspects are our outer purpose. The outer purpose provides the vehicle for our inner purpose which patiently waits for expression. In order to blend the two, it’s important to live every moment to its highest and best use.

If life feels directionless, or you find yourself simply responding and reacting to what you see, it’s time to become clear about your unique purpose. Life is a blank slate and you have the opportunity to create whatever you wish. It begins with knowing the different between doing and being. Nothing truly matters but the state of consciousness that you choose to bring to this moment. From there, from that beautiful state of being, anything is possible.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.

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