Living peacefully

Be calm in the midst of strife.

“I move forward with confidence and ease, knowing that all is well in my future.”
~Louise Hay~ 
Don’t wait for everything to fall into place before choosing to be at peace. Life is simply a series of events and experiences, both joyful and challenging, that allow us to awaken. Observe your feelings, inner dialogue and responses and see how quickly you can move into acceptance.

Cultivate the ability to rise above the storms of life. See each moment as an opportunity to expand your consciousness. When things are going well, utilize gratitude as a way to bring yourself even higher.

The spiritual student learns to transform challenges into powerful aspects of their growth. The spiritual master does not wait for a challenge, but continues to seek and expand without problems to spark the desire for awakening.

As you become aware of your true Divine nature, you’ll create a stable foundation that will support you no matter what unfolds. This peace and grace will inform how you choose to live.
Today my intention is to make my home a peaceful haven by infusing love into every corner. Music and friendship sparkle and create a space of warmth.  
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