Living in the Light

“I understand, better than ever now, that “living in the light” involves traveling into the darker places within ourselves and shining the light of our consciousness into them so that we can truly love and express all that we are.”
~Shakti Gawain~
Each of us has a very simple role in the awakening of collective consciousness. We must shine the light of awareness and be loving witnesses to our own transformation. It’s imperative to observe of our own process of healing rather than getting lost in projection, defensiveness or reactivity.
Once we allow the mechanisms of the ego to take hold, it can be challenging to feel peaceful. Utilize the beauty that shines upon you to bring yourself back into balance. Appreciation and Presence quiets the mental chatter and in the gap we discover other possibilities or interpretations.
Consciously choose to bring the best version of yourself to this moment. That may entail being an attentive listener, avoid spreading gossip or bad news or jumping into the fray to voice an opinion. Notice that all of these actions are actually non-actions. Used mindfully, stillness is transformative. Then, after a purposeful pause and some introspection, your actions and words will naturally be filled with the light of consciousness.
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