Living fearlessly

When fear arises, don’t reject it. Shine the light of consciousness upon it.

“The little self, driven by fear and a craving for comfort, identifies only with “me.” The true self, driven by nothing, identifies with the unbounded awareness that we truly are.”
~Ezra Bayda~

The light of consciousness transforms all that it shines upon. When we turn to face our fears and look at them objectively, their hold upon us begins to lessen. We can transform them by embracing the present moment with gratitude and gentleness.

The words scared and sacred are identical except for a slight shift in perception. Similarly, fear can become a vibrant breakthrough by shifting our view. You have the power to transform your world.

Practice fearlessness. When fear arises, say “fear is here” or “my ego is in fear mode…” rather than saying “I am afraid.” This simple choice allows you to see it more clearly rather than reaffirming it.

Some people surround themselves with others, create busy lives or keep the tv on in the background rather than being alone with their thoughts. Cultivate the ability to be comfortable with yourself. Observe how life supports you. Bless the sun as it shines upon you, the water that nourishes you, the air that gives you life. The Divine is touching your life in countless ways.

Today my intention is to be gentle with myself.
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